Enhance Your Adventure with Addons!

On this page, we reveal the secrets to improve your gaming experience with powerful addons and offer you the links to download them:

Main page where you can find a collection of suitable addons for this expansion: Link

Recommended Addon: Quest Helper (Link)

Once you've downloaded the addon, the process is simple:

Find the "Interface" folder in your client's main directory. Enter the "Addons" folder and extract the compressed file. And voilà! You're all set!

Start the game and, in the character selection screen, check through the "Addon" button that it's activated without any issues.

***************** NEWS *****************

However, if you want to play in ITALIAN (audio and translated quests), follow these two steps:

Download the QuestTranslator addon (here). Place it in the game folder "World of Warcraft/Interface/Addon". This will create a parallel frame with the translation!

Download the PATCH file (here) and place it in the game folder "World of Warcraft/Data". This file will translate the audio into Italian!

Prepare yourself for a gaming experience enhanced like never before. Epic adventures await you! 💪🎮 #AddonMagic #PowerUpYourGame